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I am sitting here at home with Wow Christmas blasting out my ear drums as well as letting the rest of the neighbourhood hear it. The songs are a modern and funky mix on the traditional carols with an awesome contemporary feel behind them. It makes me truly feel the music. It is not just words, music and rhythm, there is a deep seated soul awareness behind it all.

I am a musician. I have been surrounded by music since before I was born. I have always sung and always had music in my life. I have listened to pretty much every style of music there has been and presently is. No music can stir me the same as worship filled contemporary Christian music. It speaks to me. It makes my insides want to since as much as my body wants to sway, dance, jump and my mouth wants to join in with the melody (or harmony).

Christmas music (done well and not completely thrashed and destroyed) stirs up even more powerful feelings in me. I don't for an instant believe that Christ was born on the 25th of December. Nor do I put a lot of stock into Trees and ribbons and stockings and Santa and all that. I like the tree and the lights but only because it reminds me of the season of praise.

Jesus, the perfect son of God, the man that stood over creation, chose to humble himself and came to us as a baby. As a mother I know well the life of a baby. There is not a lot of dignity in being a baby. They have 3 functions - Eat, sleep and poop. Not only that but Jesus chose to come as a baby to a poor family. He could have come to a prestigious family of wealth and power but instead he chose a family of little means and whose only claim in life was to be from the line of David.

If all that isn't enough, Jesus was born in a stable and his first place of rest was a feeding trough. Now I know that babies do not have a lot of say, in general, to where and when they are born. We are talking about Christ though. He is the beginning and the end, he knows all things and sees all things. He knew without a doubt that his birth was going to be in just a humble manner at such a manic time.

In life we often find it hard enough to humble ourselves to let some other person sit in the front seat of the car or to have the better seat in church. Often times there is a race for who gets the best bed, the best seat, the best of everything. And yet Jesus could have claimed those things. He had every right to do it. He could have come in a gust of power but he chose not to. He knew that the best method wasn't the easy method. He knew that the humble beginnings would present him with more power than living on the coat tails of a powerful family.

Christmas has become this crazy time of year. Everything seems rushed and there is an amazing amount of pressure on people. People are pressured to buy better presents than last year, people are pressured to spend more money than last year and to come up with more amazing light displays, trees, meals. A lot of this pressure we put on ourselves. It makes people crazy and makes them hate the season. It is a commercial holiday.

Jesus came with the most pressure of any one. He had nothing and yet he came knowing that what little he had he would be giving away in 33 short years in order to bring all of us with him to heaven.

What an amazing God we serve. What an amazing time of year.

Merry Xmas everyone!

And no, I am not taking Christ out of Christmas, I am raising him and labelling him as he should be. If you are confused then look into Greek and Hebrew.

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