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Well it is the end of the 26th now. I have done my Christmas with my family and I have done my Christmas with Geoff's family. I have eaten a lot of ham, chicken and salad and I have successfully avoided a paper cut whilst opening presents. My kids are now too old to let me open their presents for them anyway so there wasn't a lot of presents left for me.

I don't think I really ate excessively for Christmas and I was good and has a lot of veggies and healthy options. I think my body just knows that it is Christmas though so it makes me feel stuffed regardless. It was all such yummy food.

The kids seemed to have a blast. They got a large amount of plunder between them and I think our Lego supplies have doubled in 2 short days. We now have a Star Wars X wing and men, a sand dune buggy and men, a petrol tanker, a sea plane and a scene from Toy Story 3. Our Toy Story merchandise has also increased greatly. Nate got 2 sets of toy story clothes, a toy story book and a Woody soft toy... plus Jonathan got the afore mentioned Toy Story 3 Lego.

Geoff and I managed to get a few nice photos and frames, some yummy food, some money to buy plants and a rather funky Easy Oven which I am looking forward to trying out and seeing if it is good as it claims it is. Since my oven is rather small it will be nice to have this secondary one that I can also use as a deep dryer, grill, toasty machine and Pizza Oven.

Jonathan and Dani are spending some nights with Geoff's Mum so we have a rather quiet house tonight. It will be an interesting time with just Nate home to entertain and to entertain us. I personally am looking forward to having a good sleep in and a bit of stress free time. We will see how that works out though.

All up Christmas was pretty good. I am feeling completely Exhausted right now but that is too be expected I guess. Time for some good RnR!


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